How do we usher in the NEW class of political changemakers? By letting them teach us how it's done. Introducing #NMCbyIGNITE, a digital class taught by the future of politics. Join Will Larkins, Sis and Emily Flores as they share how we can take politics into our own hands.

Will Larkins teaches how to advocate

Meet Will Larkins, a High School senior that stood up against the Don’t Say Gay bill, staged a historic high school walkout and inspired millions all before turning 17.

We're teaming up with Will to teach this generation a thing or two about using influence to make change. Ready to use your voice?

Sis teaches how to organize

Meet Sis, an activist that stands for visibility, representation and the FIGHT for equality.

We're teaming up with Sis to share her knowledge of activism with the political class of tomorrow (YOU!) Ready to be seen?

Emily Flores teaches how to use your voice

Meet Emily, the founder of Cripple Media and a leader in disability rights.

She won’t stop fighting until the voices of disabled people worldwide are heard, and we’re excited to hear how she does it. Let’s turn passion into political power!

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