Meet Kaya Jones, IGNITE's Northeast Program Manager

Kaya proudly serves as the IGNITE Fellows Program Manager - East. 

Kaya was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and has been raised across the east coast. She is dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for women and minorities in her community and across the country. Kaya formerly served as IGNITE's Philadelphia Fellow while attending Temple University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Journalism in May 2020. At Temple, Kaya ran for office with an all-female led campaign staff and made HER-story as the first all female ticket to run and win Temple’s student government elections. Prior to IGNITE
she was an Account Executive at Brunswick Group, advising major companies on business and crisis management decisions.
Kaya is passionate about creating a political space that is accessible to the people it impacts most.

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