IGNITE Statement on the Supreme Court Decision to Allow Continued Access to Abortion Pill

"We are pleased to see today’s Supreme Court overruling the efforts of lower courts to restrict the mailing of abortion pills. A ban would have disproportionately impacted Black and Brown communities, gender expansive people, and other marginalized groups. While this ruling is a relief to many, it is by no means the end of the long-running struggle to restore abortion access in America. Gen Z voters will continue to show up at the polls in a decisive way as judges seek to regulate their bodies through the courts. Abortion access remains a top issue for Gen Z women-identifying voters. In Kansas, in Wisconsin, in Chicago, and across the country—time and again, it has catalyzed Gen Z to mobilize. A majority strongly believe they have the right to make decisions about their health and their bodies, and they believe deeply in reproductive justice. IGNITE will continue to advocate for policies that support reproductive justice in America."

- Sara Guillermo, IGNITE CEO—America’s largest, most diverse organization devoted to young women’s political leadership.


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