Catalyzing the Political Power of Young People with The Boss Ladies Podcast

We're honoring National Voter Registration Day 2023 in collaboration with The Boss Ladies Podcast! In this special episode, Saha Salahi, IGNITE's Legislative Advocacy Manager, interviews the podcast co-hosts and IGNITE alums, Manasi Gajjalapurna and Sualeha Irshad on their current relationship with political leadership and their initial interest in civic engagement.


Manasi and Sualeha share reflections on their experiences with IGNITE over the past year and on the meaning of the phrase "politics is personal". Saha dives into how they each cultivated a focus on issue areas they're passionate about, and Manasi and Sualeha discuss the role of legislation in accessing reproductive healthcare and its impact on education systems at the local level. We close the episode by breaking down ways young people can advocate for change, given that there is no blueprint or a specific path to political leadership, and advice for young leaders who want to unlock their political potential. 

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